Sunday, December 03, 2006

Apologies to Roy

I offended by brother Roy back here when I referred to Courtney Hilton as a muppet - unfortunately I thought my bro was defending Ms Love. From off-blog correspondence it turns out he was offended with my use of the term muppet in a derogatory manner... afterall, how can I refer to Ms Love in the same breath as Jim Henson's wonderful creations.

I therefore would like to apologise to Roy and anyone else who was offended by my terminology. The Muppets rule!!!

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Anonymous said...

yeahhhh baby now there ya go. Muppets are divine creations.

Paula said...

The Muppets do rule!! Many happy memories from childhood of the Muppets.

Anonymous said...

haha, was told i looked like animal from the muppets when i play "daniel" I have an 8 bar drum solo where i get total control, its great!


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