Saturday, April 15, 2006

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Urban Faithscape :: This is picadillywilson's blog :: the chap that contacted me after being at the Manchester Passion. His blog captures his journey leading an authentic faith-life in a big city context and is a worthy read. His post - "Speaking the lingo" is bang on:
My challenge to all you Christian bloggers out there today is - what does your language communicate to the accidental blog tourist? When you write about God can the 'man in the [cyber]street' understand anything you are saying because of the way you are saying it?
Makes sense!

The Great Escape :: Joel contacted me after searching for content on the Manchester Passion...
I found you're blog whilst searching for posts on the manchester passion. I thought it was ace - makes a change from the usual songs of praise stuff from the bbc.
THANKS JOEL! Joel's blog is his personal escape from the hassles of life and is really insightful. When he's not accidentally killing hedgehogs... he is contemplating the slippery slope towards "the light" that he's on now he has an iPod.

live a big life :: was recommended by Joel and is another worthy read. I'm unsure who owns it but he comes well referenced...
My mate's an apple addict and a christian - no ones perfect - he's also an bit of a pioneering emergent church thinker.
He is a Mac lover and doing things in Ministry that really interests me...and inspires me.

Check them out and give them your support.

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