Wednesday, April 26, 2006


As the song goes... everybody needs good neighbours!!! but just like family, you can't choose your neighbours.

We live in a 4 bed semi-detached... the folk we are attached are basically going out of their way to exclude us... We say "Hi... how are you?" - they say "fine" and walk away.

We don't understand it - we are not loud... except for the mornings after they've been loud ALL night. Afterall, there is nothing like some APHEX TWIN to say I love you - is there?

Maybe I just don't see what we've done to them... Do the budgies keep them up at night? or my we'ans listening to Kids Praise - I mean, Psalty drives me mad!

I don't know.

They have been building a big, fancy decked area with roofing... and are now going to block over our fence. Which is cool because it will give us both privacy with only one of us having sunlight (us)...

Anyway, what's the point of this post??? Well... I'd like to personally thank everyone who reads the Nanolog... who contribute with comments or suggestions... who actively encourage Olly and I... Our true friends have supported us since day one :: The Soos... Bobby & Diane... Janey and Roscoe... Studgie & Emma...

But we have also found we have a ton in common with other folk :: DJ Haggis in Ediburgh... The Existential Punk, JD & Jake in the USofA... The Bennetts in Kirkwall, the Hintons in Glenrothes and the Roys in Fauldhouse... JB in London... Ian in Canada... Nuno in Portugal... and Joel in... er... the UK somewhere.

Who needs neighbours when we have friends like you!!! If I have missed anyone then leave a comment and tell me off ^____^

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Anonymous said...

Thanx, man, the feeling is sooo mutual! Adele P.S. Can't wait to hear about the band you are checking out.


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