Friday, April 07, 2006

An open letter to a critic...

I recently found out :: second hand :: that Olly and I have been criticised for "changing". Seemingly, we are not the people we used to be.

At first, this really upset me... but then I took time to consider the comment and I am actually reassured by it. Let me explain...

The person who made the comment sees assurance in being the same :: the same as he has always been... and the same as his peers. His view of church is middle-aged, middle-class and mediocre with every event being the same as every other. Spiritual growth is a non-starter unless it to protect his worldview or allows him to continue to gloat like a Pharisee.

I see no glory in staying the same... Water that doesn't move becomes stagnant. We need to continually grow and develop... keep moving forward or we, too, become stale and stagnant.

We have changed... In the last 6 months or so, we have grown more confident in our actions... more assured in our vision. I believe we are more loving and more accepting. I haven't engaged with anyone differently... certainly not differently in any negative manner.

In addition, we are guided to continually renew our minds ::
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Romans 12:2 (New International Version)

Church is changing... New expressions are emerging... People are changing... If you are not prepared for evolution then get ready for revolution... Change comes either with your approval or not. We must continually renew our thinking... continually evaluate our thoughts and our actions... ensuring that love is central to our thinking. Not selfish self-gratification or protectionism.

So I am assured that both Olly and myself have changed and continue to change... and are moving in the right direction to face such protectionist criticism.

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Anonymous said...

Go on yourself my boy, shout it from the highest, tell everyone that you are changing, because you are making people notice the change that God is making in your lives.


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