Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hey Mr DJ :: Thanks to the Soos!

Thanks bro for giving me the opportunity to hear the following ::

Scottish post-rock from Mogwai :: Mr. Beast :: its a truly amazing, expansive musical experience... reminiscent of Sigur Ros but uniquely special.

On DFA, the Juan MacLean :: Less than human :: is an excellent album filled to the brim with electro soundscapes and super beats. Some fab ideas from a chap who used to be on Sub Pop with a band called six finger satellite... very now

I missed this album by Buffalo Daughter :: I :: when it was first released... Don't know why? Love Cornelius and Takako Minekawa and see Buffalo Daughter fitting into that Japanese, quirky, new rock genre. Glad I have a second chance to check them out. Experimental and fresh... puts the new into new rock.

Lastly, my fav album on the iPod... especially in the car... is the superskanking, bum-mover from Nightmares on Wax :: In a space outta sound :: super chilled but with a massive skanking, soundsystem vibe - this could be the soundtrack to the summer. Lovely loops and big, big bass. Kind of disappointed that I missed them at the Arches... Supersweet!

Thanks bro!

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moog said...

Mogwai are great, I saw them live a couple of weeks ago.

You should also check out 65 days of static. Their latest album is awesome, like mogwai giving birth to the aphex twin.


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