Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cool Hunting :: iPod speakers

Most of my friends have iPods... Olly, Janey, the Soos, my dad, Bobby (oh... that's right, I have his iPod :: Cheers, Bobby!), Roscoe...

Where we differentiate ourselves is the things we have that accompany our fav pieces of tech... The Soos has his LV cases and Bose sounddock. I have a case from Paperchase and a Logic3 system. Roscoe has a Gravis case and a transmitter for his car (which the girls picked up in Janey's car when we were driving to Cora Linn)

Anyway, Coolhunting has a fab article on iPod speakers that's a worthy read if you are in the market for some speakers.

Check it out...

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