Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Check out :: Passion for Your Name 2006

Check this out :: Passion for Your Name :: is a 5 day conference / festival held in Bath. It is organised by Tim & Rachel Hughes :: that's the Tim Hughes... one of Olly and my fav worship leaders.

Tim's music is really accessible and relevant :: it really catches the mood with us - Olly uses some of his songs with BLOC and they go down a treat.

It's £80 a ticket for 5 days of worship/ learning/ chilling, starting on my birthday :: 19th August...

I would loved to go with Olly but I'm not sure of the cost or what would happen with the we'ans... Hmm??? Anyone got a spare £300 and a fondness for our we'ans?

Check it out :: pfyn

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Anonymous said...

Looks good but did you miss the for students and 20 somethings Sorry you are way too OLD!!

weareallghosts said...

I'm not that old!!!


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