Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Music :: Meghan Coffee + Cannonwill

Made contact with a chap called Billy Somerville aka onebillytwo on Flickr. His pics are super sweet - nice imagery.

Anyway, Billy is a musician who works with Meghan Coffee - I thought that was the band's name but Meghan is the singer (picture above on the Fender Rhodes). Loving their sound - its melacholy and bittersweet with a beautiful indie sensibility. Their influences include :: Sufjan Stephens/ Billy Joel/ Cat Power/ Brian Wilson/ Joseph Arthur/ David Bowie & Johnny Cash...

Check them out via their myspace page ::

Billy has also got a darker side project going called Cannonwill which is still on the folk/ indie tip... and also well worth a listen ::

Lastly, Billy has done some songs with Vineyard... or as he put it :: "Oh, and the good folks at Vineyard Music let me sing songs on their albums from time to time..." Haven't heard the Vineyard stuff yet but commend him for being involved and for giving back... Check out "Sweetly Broken" here ::

Check out the links and give Billy your support... Now, how do I get Meghan Coffee (the band) over to Scotland???

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