Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Cool :: German Army Sleep System

The Military have some great ideas... Shame most of them are about better and more effective ways of killing people... This one is special. Basically its a sleeping bag for the German Army...and more. In essence, its a jacket-cum-sleeping bag. Your top half is in a jacket / bottom half is in a sleeping bag (which can be unzipped to let you walk about). I believe you can even secure the "bag" and wear the whole thing as a jacket.

How cool is that??? I remember a pal of mine, Gordon, had one when we camped out at Balvonie for a Youth Chorus practice.

Anyway, got me thinking... could we not supply these to roughsleepers? Keep them warm but also safe and able to defend themselves if necessary.


Check out the bearclaw bushcraft site - some great stuff there for urban survival :: link

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