Monday, April 10, 2006

Nando's :: Saturday Night

Had a fab time at NANDO'S at the Fort on Saturday. We were there to celebrate Jon G's birthday.

Had a couple of really worthwhile conversations ::

* Talked with Paul about creating a space for folk to hang out and worship/ pray/ network. He shares my vision, which is reassuring.

* Talked to new friends :: Fran and Richard about blogging. They are part of an organisation called Reality who run, in conjunction with Falcon camps, outward bound camps for disadvantaged kids. We spoke about creating an online mutual experience for attendees as part of an overall creating culture exercise. I would love to help them further explore this.

* Talked to Kenny about ideas for the House Groups and got back on the same page.

It was a great night... Olly looked hot... hotter than the peri peri chicken (and that's saying something!)

We finished up in Starbucks for a further blether. Good fun.

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