Thursday, April 27, 2006

Love this :: Headporter "Black Beauty" Notebook case

I have posted before of my love of RHODIA stationery - Paperchase only has three different pads in Glasgow... I feel so disadvantaged!

I mean in New York they can get the full range... and in Tokyo they can get their hands on a super-duper-sweet Headporter :: Black Beauty case designed by none other than Hiroshi Fujiwara to hold their RHODIA notebook in.

I have always had an obsession with bags... and cases... and things that hold things... and gaze from afar at the gorgeous utilitarianism and practicality of Headporter but know it is out of my league. I need a Japanese friend ^____^

Thanks to Hypebeast and honeyee

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Anonymous said...

I'm more of a Moleskine man myself, though that may be because the Rhodia notebooks are not available around here.

Anonymous said...

Ooh another Rhodia lover, I must check out the rest of your blog. I adore these pads, came across them in France where I fell in love with the grid paper and feel and make of them. I like the small B5 size, but there are so many different types, I'd go mad with them all!


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