Monday, April 17, 2006

Yesterday was a good day :: for drinking coffee

Coffee with breakfast
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Finished my first Lent with a coffee at breakfast with folk from my church.

Breakfast is always good when surrounded by your friends from church... but this one was extra special because it was Easter.

Afterwards, Roscoe brought over some super-smooth fairtrade Colombian coffee from Whittard of Chelsea.

According to Whittard, the coffee is grown by a co-operative of over 360 women coffee farmers. The "Mujeres Caficultoras Caucanas" own small-holdings around the southern Colombian town of Popayan.

Thanks Roscoe & thanks to the "Mujeres Caficultoras Caucanas" for making such a fine coffee.


Matthew Bennett said...


Easter blessings returned!

Im interested in the script, 'Breakfast with God' which is under your coffee.

If its possible to have a copy, it would be appreciated, either scanned as attachemnt or whatever means you can send it, that would be good. (Only if its poss)

Is Roscoe called after the guy in Dukes of Hazzard?

Prayers, Matthew.

weareallghosts said...


The text comes from the book :: Breakfast with God :: published by Zondervan.

I will get a copy to you.

Oh and yes... Roscoe P K Pentney!


Matthew Bennett said...

Oh, Ive seen that book and have now realised this.

I could just go and buy book if it saves you...?

Your posting 'Funny' is good!

Blessings, Matthew.


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