Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My iPod :: 'tis a miracle!!!

I should have posted this sooner but was a bit reluctant... My iPod came back from the dead over the Easter weekend. I followed some advice on TUAW :: gave the iPod a wee smack on the bum :: and it started working again. I then discharged the battery. I reset the iPod while plugged in and it came back to life - allowing me to add songs and podcasts.

I think it is still a wee bit unwell - it has frozen a couple of times since... but I am happy-as-Larry (whoever Larry is...)

Thanks to everyone who expressed concern :: especially Olly who didn't panic when I was running about like a headless chicken. G'on yersel, honey!

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Chris H said...

"My iPod came back from the dead over Easter weekend"

Are you sure you're not getting two stories mixed up there? :)

By the way, saw your photo on Flickr of "breakfast with God". Could you send me the wording that was on the placemat? Looks like it could be really useful.


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