Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Game on :: PingPong is the new Golf!!!

My sister-in-law called to remind us that where we are going on holiday (Italy - July) has a fab table tennis space... outdoor... flood lit...

Now, I'm not a sportsman unless they have just introduced "walking while listening to an iPod" to the Olympics. However, I can get into ping pong. Its my kind of thing...

Well it turns out I am not alone :: Gravis have a paddle case on the market with paddles and balls -

Check out Fader Mag for more info :: Link

It also looks like the folk at Rockstar Games (the Soos' employer) are in on the revolution - they have created a table tennis game that looks nothing short of supersweet!

That's my kind of game... and it makes me think that they may be going for the Rightwing Evangelical Christian market with this game - you know, the churches where they bang a table tennis table in the middle of a room and call it a Youth Club... Some how I doubt it...

So anyway... bring it on, sister-in-law - I'm gonna be ready!

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