Thursday, April 20, 2006

So this is what Christians look like!?!

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Love this... Link from BoingBoing :: Photographer Johann Rousselot has taken a series of portraits of "alt.Christians" in Ukraine & Colorado... New Life Church in Colorado and the Embassy of God, Kiev, Ukraine are vivid portraits of normal Christians doing what Christians do... It is very well shot and captures the mood of worship/ praise/ prayer - it portrays Christians as normal people in a world where we are portrayed as Ned Flanders

Have to say, though, that I am not sure what alt.Christian means but when I compare myself to the fascist, legalistic, right-wing fools in America who think they own the term Christian then... hey... maybe I'm alt.Christian in the same way as Lambchop are

These are the days where anything goes... EVERYDAY IS A WINDING ROAD!!!

Comment from my pal Adele aka Existential Punk ::
These are NOT alt. Christians but modern, megachurch evangelicals.
Never been to a megachurch so I wouldn't know... I naively used the terminology from the BoingBoing post. Question is :: who/ what is alt.Christian? Did a google search and didn't get anywhere... Only seemed to be a genre in Rhapsody... and I'm not sure if that was just google's search.

Can anyone throw some light on this?

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Anonymous said...

These are NOT alt. Christians but modern, megachurch evangelicals.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks EP... Help me to understand - what/ who IS alt.Christian?

Anonymous said...

Hey, i guess my experience of megachurches is really bad and i did not mean to sound judgmental. i see alt.Christian as someone who is not caught up in modern, Christendom thinking, doing, being church. They are missional, not focused on getting souls into heaven, tired of doing/being church in its present form, rethinking theology and interpretations, experiential, no propositions, etc. Megachurches, at least in the USA, tend to lean more to modern fundamentalist evangelicals. Alt.Christian fits in well with Emergent and emerging church. Don't know if this helps or not. i certainly don't have it all figured out and i am sure those people in Colorado and Ukraine have authentic, beautiful faith.


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