Friday, April 14, 2006

When the Soos comes to town...

Whistlestop visit from the Soos yesterday... He needed his Canadian passport signed and I have a "signing authority" type job.

He came through for about 1730hrs... we picked him up and hit NANDO'S in the Fort for some peri-peri chicken...and some good ol' fashioned hangin' out.

We did some shopping in the Fort - hit TKMaxx where I did my best Carson impression and helped to style him.

A couple of Eastpak bags, a sweet Spiderman tee, a super-sweet Howies tee, a nice zip up and a pair of super-dooper Nike Air 180s in the original colourway.

Afterwards, we went to Borders for a magazine graze and an earl grey at Starbucks - fab!!!

We then did some more hangin' - listening to tunes / watching some fab google videos expertly selected by my personal VJ :: Olly.

This morning Dayna and Miriam were woken to an extra special surprise :: 2 Miyazaki films - "Howl's Moving Castle" and "My neighbour Totoro".

Thanks for you company bro... Your generousity is legendry! Enjoy the hat!

Thank you!

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