Thursday, April 27, 2006

New Friend :: CowPunkMom

Made a new friend last night :: Paula aka CowPunkMom left some comments regarding some of the previous posts and I always appreciate that.

There are a number of strings to Paula's bow - she blogs with a rare honesty about her previous life. It is beautiful to see someone transformed.

Anyway, thought this was cool ::

OK, so I'd been wanting a new tattoo for years and years. I finally decided on a Chi Rho, a symbol from the early church that combines the first two Greek letters in the name "Christ". They used it to mean "in celebration of Christ", and also "Christos Rabboni", or "Saviour-Teacher". I like both of those meanings a lot.
Check her out and give her your support.

Paula... thanks for dropping in on the Nanolog.

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1 comment:

Paula said...

Wow!! Ummm...I stopped in to check out the Nanolog, and there was my tattie! Cool....

So, greetings from Three Hills, Alberta, a town without traffic lights, a town where everyone has to go the Post Office to pick up their mail, a town small enough to only need two policemen, but religious enough to have eleven churches. I'm glad to make your acquaintance!


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