Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Check out :: thinkerlabs

Check this out... thinkerlabs is an exciting webspace that provides fab / thought provoking video resources for the church ::
about us :
We love the church and we know you do too. So let's get together, help each other and swap ideas and resources for the good of the church. Thinkerlabs has no agenda or motive other than to share the best of our collective creativity FREE.
My fav, so far, is the Suburban Monastry which vividly depicts the idea that we do not need to be in a church building to be close to God - He is everywhere and this makes our every place :: home / work / third place (eg Starbucks) "church" :: it is so well shot and the music is beautiful too.

They also have a number of first class blogs under their umbrella ::
blogs :
Conspiracies of faith connected by innovative yet hightly experimental ideas.

Our collection of thinkers represents a group of individuals, connected not so much by a shared experience or understanding but by a connection to what is at the heart of our experiements, Jesus.

We are youth pastors, church planters, volunteers, artists, and theologians all seeking to rediscover the experience of walking with Jesus.
We need more of this... People who are connected to Jesus and who are wanting to express their connection in real and relevant ways.

Check it out... Worthy site!

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Anonymous said...

Hey man,
Thanks for the kind words about thinkerlabs. Everythig on the site published under a ceative commons license and is totally free for anyone to use, remix, modify. We are hoping others will start to contribute resources they have created too.


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