Thursday, April 27, 2006

New music :: Note For A Child

Olly, the we'ans and I are away to ROOTS 06 at Southport from Friday to Monday. Should be a ton of fun!

On the Friday night, a band called Note For A Child are playing a short set. When I read the description of their music I was intrigued ::
Percussive rhythms, subverted dance beats and hooky grooves create a canvas for genre defying and heartbreakingly beautiful songs. There lies an irresistible marriage between poetry, vocals and atmospheric soundscapes...
Sounds like my cup o' cha! If they are defined as ambient/ meditative and Bob Harris from Radio 2 considers them to be "Perfect" then I had better check them out.

Hear snippets to Impossibly Beautiful :: Link & Eternal Curve :: Link

Will let you know how they sound...

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1 comment:

Paula said...

Wow, I listened to some of the samples from their music, and I am thinking you will have an amazing time watching them live!

"Note for a Child". That is a beautiful name. I know when I write my daughter a note, I put care into it, I want it to communicate my love even if I'm just asking her to put away her socks or something...


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