Friday, April 07, 2006

Game :: Wipeout Pure downloads

Sony have set up a cool download space for content for your PSP :: loads of promo videos and some software add-ons. There are a number of downloads for my fav game - Wipeout Pure - additional music and ships (pictured).

I am having some problems getting registered - My PSP is from Japan and isn't recognised in the registration process... but I'll get it sorted and let you know.

If you have a PSP, check it out ::

Been conversing with Dan at the PlayStation Consumer Care Team who told me that ::
Registration on our site: is only available for owners of European (PAL) PlayStation Portables. There is, unfortunately, no registration or download service for imported PSP products at this time. Your PSP box clearly states the countries in which your console is intended for use.
This is terrible "care"! and rules out any Japanese imports. It also rules out anyone, like the Soos, who bought a PSP in the USofA.

G'on yersel' Sony! - another service disaster.

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