Saturday, April 08, 2006

New2Me :: Jose Padilla's "Navigator"

Sometimes I find out about music early... sometimes I am late to the party... Navigator by jose Padilla is one of those albums that I have picked up late. Released in 2001, it is the sound of summer... if your summer is chilling on a beach in Ibiza.

I picked it up in FOPP for £3 and am loving it.

Jose Padilla pretty much invented the concept of chill out with his involvement with the Cafe Del Mar compilation series - My personal fav is Volume 6 which actually features a track of this album :: Adios Ayer.

The tempo is chilled and the guest vocalists really add to the experience :: Seal guests on "Adios Ayer" and N'dea Davenport from the Brand New Heavies guests on the last track - "The look of love". Both tracks are complimented with string arrangements by Everton Nelson.

The only track that goes against the grain is the drum & bass instrumental "Lontano" which has a beautiful accompaniment and fab bassline. Unlike some darker d 'n' b, this track keeps a sense of the sunshine that runs through the rest of the album.

There is a real Spanish vibe to this record with flamenco guitars and sounds from the seashore. Truly beautiful.

Check out the album on Amazon :: Link

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