Saturday, April 22, 2006

Today is a good day...

Went to a car boot sale today and picked up a few fab things... Picked up the Sony Walkman WM-36 with original headphones for £2. The Walkman looks sweet and won't be used - I just like looking at it - sweet design. The headphones will get used, though, with the Nano :: there is a delicious irony in using the old headphones (from 1987) with the Nano... I am such a GEEK

More on the Walkman WM-36 via Walkman Central

I also picked up some vinyl for £2. Glen Campbell's greatest hits / Gladys Knight & the Pips / The Godfather OST (not pictured) / a couple of Motown 12" - one has a superfab cover of King Stevie's "As" and a 1978 record by Aquarian Dream called Fantasy that was execproduced by Don Mizel :: check out the pic on FLICKR for more detail - Link

We then went for a walk with Pippin at Chatelherault in Hamilton - the Avon Gorge is beautiful and Pippin loved the walk...although, thankfully, there was no cow dung for her to roll in.

I'm now chillin' before going with Bobby to see Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds


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