Saturday, April 15, 2006

Manchester Passion

Just watched the Manchester Passion and am impressed. Its fab to see the Passion recreated in a contemporary way - nothing was taken away from the it was retold in Albert Sq, Manchester.

Judas/ Jesus/ Peter

The casting was pretty good... geniune characters...

Darren Morfitt as Jesus

Personally thought Darren Morfitt was a good choice as Jesus. Keith Allen was great as the narrator and as was Nicholas Bailey as Peter. Thought Tim Booth of James was sinister as Judas and I really enjoyed Denise Johnson - her interpretations of some of Manchester's best loved songs were fab.

This could have so easily gone wrong... but it was pretty spot on and captured the mood of now. Had a chat with the Soos this morning about the Message translation and the importance of keeping the language of the Bible contemporary and relevant for today. The Manchester Passion is one way to relate the Good News to people who haven't heard in a way that is relevant and fresh and creative.

It was also fantastic to see Doogs :: a friend of DJ Haggis :: great to see him represent our Lord in his unique goth/ punk way in the interview. Loved his comment that Jesus didn't hang with the popular people and, if He was here today, He would have hung with the weirdos and punks and been in the moshpit. Sweet testimony, my friend!

I am inspired - Jesus is alive and His movement is making waves!

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J said...

It was good, wasn't it? ;)


Matt Wilson said...

There was a great atmosphere on the streets and in the square - all sorts of people who'd never darken the doors of a church. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I went to see it live in Albert Square and thought it was brilliant.


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