Thursday, May 25, 2006

24/7 church

Whenever one is down there seems to be a supply of 24/7 places to help you out with a snack and coffee.

Why can't this be the case with the church? I'm not talking about a drive-through McDonald's church, I'm talking about a jazzy, cozy, relaxing comfortable place. The type of place where prayer and reaching God is possible.
Keith Gardner has posted a fab thought on ((church marketing sucks)) :: One of the comments talks about competing against Starbucks - if done right, a 24/7 coffee-church-house-thingy has one thing Starbucks doesn't :: a soul. Sure Starbucks has great ambience and sweet baristas but you bring your entertainment into the coffee house... ie your company or a good book... church has soul - you are part of an instant established community.

Don't get me wrong - I love Starbucks - but we can niche them with some good, ol' fashioned soulful community!

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