Tuesday, May 23, 2006

World Cup 2006 Timetable

Thanks to ((lifehacker)) for the heads-up on this :: ((worldcupkickoff[dot]com)) have published the match timetable for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. They include downloads for iCal and a piece of software called outlook (anyone heard of it?) You can also download the iCal file and import it to gcal if you use it.

btw... this is also of use for the World Cup widows/ widowers too...

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Paula said...

Here in our little prairie town, the only people who even know what football IS are the three Brazilians and my husband, who was born in England. We just had a UEFA party to watch Arsenal die to Barcelona (Boo hoo...), and we are having Soccer Central here for the whole World Cup series. My hubbie has booked days off work so he can properly enjoy the games he wants to see.

I think it's really cute.

weareallghosts said...

G'on yersel Paula and hubbie!!! Should be a good tournament... The times are really good for us but must be murder for you...

Late lunch... Away at 5... again at 8...

Trying to persuade our church to borrow a couple of plasmas to watch the game... and open the doors for the neighbourhood to join us.

I want England to win... so that they will go on about something other than 1966!

Actually, I hope Italy reach the semis as we'll be in Italy for the semis and the final - that would be so sweet!

Anonymous said...

I hope England wins (as a German).

If any of you are thinking of visiting Germany ... Here is a non profit podcast on German culture and language. Even with a touch of comedy (as much comedy as two Germans can come up with...).


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