Monday, May 15, 2006

Sweet :: the secret squirrel Sony Vaio ultra-portable

Don't tell the Mac faithful but I have a soft spot for Sony kit... Always have... Never owned a Vaio but if I ever had to buy a PC (Please Lord NO!!!) it would be a Vaio. Well, actually, with Bootcamp and the soon-to-be-released MacBook - I will shortly never need to buy a PC : how cool is that?

Anyway, got really excited when the Soos sent me a link to ((jkontherun)) with pics of a sweet new Sony ultraPC... After the let down that was Microsoft's Origami... this is actually pretty sweet! If it ran OSX... it would be top dollar.

Thanks to the Soos for another spot-on heads-up.

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Anonymous said...

i forgive you and i am praying for your total reconversion, you little backslider! LOL!!!!

weareallghosts said...

Ha Ha... I'm praying to St Steve as I type...

Anonymous said...

but St. Steve probably understands Sony has great design standards-- that's why some vaio designers jumped ship and moved into Cupertino. Vaio's are the pc's most wanting to be a mac. St. Steve will show mercy.


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