Friday, May 12, 2006

Idea :: ((Deep))

Had a chat over coffee with Jon G from the Salvation Army in the West of Scotland a while back. We meet up regularly and have become really quite close. As we talked an idea was conceived... I took it back and let it germinate.

Have a look at the previous post then look at this mindmap for a space/event codenamed (for now) :: ((Deep)) :: The initial thought was to take the big top experience at Roots06 and develop a monthly space where people can worship and network together... where "unchurched" and "non-congos" are accepted and feel accepted... where people who are bored with religion can become excited about Jesus... where young people choose to be part of the community... where new ideas, sweet design, leftfield music and honest faith intersect...

Today is the follow-up. Let's see if there is an appetite for this.

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