Thursday, May 11, 2006


This then brought us to our calling. I believe I am called to facilitate / create space for people to develop relationships together and with God. I have a real desire to use my interests - iPod/music/coffeehouses/visuals/podcasts/t-shirts - to aid this goal. I would love to develop a contemporary coffeehouse that becomes a space within the community where you can hang out, express yourself, learn things, listen to great music - bands & DJs. I want a coffeehouse to become church as in the true sense of what church should be - the centre of the community, a place where people can share their ups and downs, a place where people are together, a place where counselling could be sought... A place where a bookclub could sit and discuss their ideas while a DJ plays abstract electronic music and baristas make fab soy lattes for customers.

Anyway, I see my role in this as a facilitator... a "make it happen" guy and I am excited. I don't know when it will happen but I know it will.
On the 29th November, 2005; I wrote this on the ((Nanolog)) :: where am I now?

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Anonymous said...

What acool dream! i dream about this kinda stuff too!


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