Thursday, May 25, 2006

For the Soos :: for Las Vegas...

Enjoy your trip, bro!

Doesn't Elvis look like a Thunderbirds puppet in this video?


Paula said...

First...that's a lotta bongo drums!

Second...Elvis was lip syncing, wasn't he?

Third...he totally looks like a Thunderbirds puppet. Wierd!

Anonymous said...

Elvis and Cliff on your Blog your taste is certainly getting better
Both of my favourites
If Elvis is a Thunderbirds puppet I'll be Lady Penelope any day!!!

Anonymous said...

That Elvis dance has yet to be mimicked. It's like he's doggy-paddling through invisible rapids.

Anonymous said...

Thanks dude! Having a blast! Just getting over my jet-lag! Gonna be dancing like this tonight!

Viva Las Vegas Baby!

" the Soos "


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