Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Funny :: Joy of Tech today

((joy of tech))

Made me think... we get hung up with [evangelism] as a concept... but if you substitute [evangelism] with [enthusiasm] then the issue seems, to me, clearer.

I am a Mac advocate... Really enthusiastic about Apple... especially their consumer kit :: iBook/ MacBook + iPod etc... Everyone knows this...

Let's get enthusiastic about Jesus and share His love and grace... not as some "roman" sales pitch but as part of a "celtic" cultural embrace.

To use an Apple phrase, its time to think different!

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Anonymous said...

To think if the church would be as creative as St. Jobs, man that would be amazing. Mac Evangelism /Apple demonstrates creativity in its DNA and offers a choice rather than forcing a decision on the consumer. How do we offer a Christian life without bible bashing?

weareallghosts said...

Its all about the "switch"

Its about persuading others that our faith is worth switching for!

Personally, I have found from my Mac Evangelism that demonstrations over a period of time as part of a meaningful relationship works... My dad... my sis, Janey... My bro, the Soos... all bought Macs because of longterm demos... not 10 mins.


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