Monday, May 15, 2006


The Soos shares my ideas with regards to a T-shirt company and wants to invest in a wee operation... and in me! I am so excited! Just need a cool screenprinter.

Thanks bro!


Anonymous said...

You do the designs, we'll do the buying, but you got to do polo shirts as well for the no necks like me.
Looking forward to it already.

Anonymous said...

hey, how does one go about starting a tshirt company and promoting and selling them? a good friend of mine here in the states has some super, edgy ideas for tshirts. Adele

Anonymous said...

Go to get a cool screenprinter who does small runs... and understand the market. Are there any wee boutiques in the area who would consider taking a shipment?

Keep it small and exclusive... Give some away to friends and key influencers... Sponsor events... Get your name about...

The hard part is the cashflow :: covering the cost before the sales come in.

Hope this makes sense?


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