Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Music :: ((La futura mirada del ex tenista)) by [Sebastian Kramer]

Love this...

Surfing the netlabels on (( and found ((sello records)) :: a small netlabel from La Plata (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Unfortunately it looks like I have arrived too late ::
Sello.Records has finished. We're glad to offer this nice and interesting stuff. The page will continue on-line. Thanks to the artists and to the downloaders. Bye.
Oh no!

They have left a legacy of 9 releases of which ((La futura mirada del ex tenista)) by [Sebastian Kramer] is their 7th. I'm not a big rock fan... (I am so in denial!!!) but found this album intriguing. Its pretty downtempo with the focus on guitar-orientated walls of sound... kind of "shoegazer" if you know what I mean... Reminds me of Lost in Translation soundtrack.

Well worth your time... Check it out.

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