Monday, May 22, 2006

Sometimes the edges get ((blurred))

Crest 2 ((blurred))
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Took this pic in the Motherwell Salvation Army last Thursday :: BLOC were leading worship and we had some time afterwards to socialise. Its not an arty shot :: it was a fluke... but I liked it and kept it.

It reminds me of how we can lose focus :: how the blood of Jesus and the fire of the Holy Spirit have somehow become distant... and out of sight...

Things have come into view that block our view :: like an afro at an all-standing concert :: we focus on activity as an end in itself rather than as the means to sharing God's grace...

We need to get back to the "heart of worship" as the song goes.

It also reminds me that what we define as being "Army" is also fuzzy... and that we can no longer cling to activity that is becoming increasingly irrelevant to society at large - just like the audio tape or even the 8-track!

As long as God is central to our thinking when being church wherever we are then we will succeed. Its all about giving our heart to God and our hand to man :: it doesn't matter what songs we sing or the clothes we wear... what matters is who we are trying to please! As soon as we try to please man then its :: GAME OVER

Grab a moment of clarity...


Anonymous said...

Nothing blocks our christian view more than religion,we need more activity that removes religion from Christianity. We need activity that spans all ages, we need to rethink some old fashioned beliefs. We need to talk, not to the converted, because they find it very hard to change, we need to talk to the young minds, minds that are open to new ideas, and beliefs and more importantly open to God speaking directly to them.
We struggle to get these open minds into our places of worship, so we need to reach out to the places where they go, we need to get of our backsides and out of our comfort zone and into where its at. If we dont move now Christianity will become as stale as religion.
I came across a hymn the other night, whilst looking for something else, a well known song to most " Be still in the presence of the Lord"
I believe that we cannot be still in the presence of the Lord, because the Lord wants us to touch lives that need his touch, it is difficult to do that when you are being still in your place of worship. I don't mean to be irreverant but lots of old fashioned non activity style churches are closing down. If we remain still I fear that we as a church might also be one of the victims of being still.

weareallghosts said...

Bobby :: thank you for your fab contribution to the nanolog and to Olly & my life! Can't wait for the homegroup tonight!

Your views expressed are so on the money. The community of Jesus is a movement and yet the church is so static.

Thing is... we are making a difference :: Homegroups... BLOC... SNAC... Alpha... we are making change happen! but soon it will be time to branch out - we need to avoid our own comfort zones.

There is an irony here but I am comfortable with the new... I get bored when I do the same ol' thing and see no comfort in it.

What I have to be mindful with is that people move at different paces and different speeds.

Anonymous said...

The closer we walk with God, the more our ways become His ways then there is no debate as to how to 'do church,' we just be our true selves and keep it real by staying tuned in to who God wants us to be wherever we find ourselves. That's what attracts people. We have to move when the Spirit says move. Love must be our motivation

Anonymous said...

Be thou my vision!!! We need to live up to the image 'Christianity with it's sleeves rolled up!' We need to be offering something people want and not what we assume they need so our action should be relevant with no strings attatched. The struggle is not against flesh and blood, we are not here to squabble but to encourage and build each other up. The struggle is the Spiritual war raging within our hearts, do we know how to overcome selfish ambition and give the glory to God? God only knows

weareallghosts said...

Thanks to "anon" and Kooky for your comments.

The key for me is being with no strings attached... Offering a real alternative that people want rather than what we assume they want for Jesus' sake only... Keeping tuned in to what God wants but not being arrogant enough to think that our way is the only way that the Lord will work.

Thanks for your input...and welcome to the neighbourhood.

weareallghosts said...

One thought... We need to be still in God's presence :: it is in this stillness that we communicate.

We also need to be moving :: we need to keep things fresh and alive and vital.

I do believe we need both


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