Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sweet :: ((Effects of Elevation)) by [Revolution Void]

Remember a while ago I posted about ((revolution void))??? Well Jonah Dempcy has released a single :: ((Effects of Elevation)) :: It is published under a Creative Commons license (thanks Jonah) and features two remixes - one by Citzen Prime aka Scott Baggett and the other by Sevenless aka Nicolas Manel.

((effects of elevation)) is one of my fav tracks of ((increase the dosage)) :: it has soulful, funky, blaxploitation backbeat that drives the track... with piano and vocoder vocals providing a fresh and catchy melody. Truly a lovely track.

The remixes are both very good and take the track away on differing tangents. The Citzen Prime track develops the beats and uses a refrain from the original track with haunting effect... then brings in tasty delicious housey beats and a tight, funky bassline that makes the song move. The Sevenless track is even more incessant than the first 2 tracks with a more techno feel... the organic funk is replaced with something darker...more industrial and man-made. Synths cool things down briefly before a guitar effect comes in to bring things to the boil... before things cool down again with more organic beats and a synth bass. Truly a musical rollercoaster... but a ride worth taking.

Both remixes are interesting and stand on their own merits. Hope to hear more from them in the future.

Well done Jonah!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me have a listen to this sweet tune! The remixes are excellent as well!

"the Soos"


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