Monday, May 29, 2006

New Music :: ((valedictions ep)) by [turnus]

turnus is on the [soundtrack for your wedding] from ((aerotone)) :: The valedictions ep from September 2005 is his first release and the first on aerotone. 6 tracks of electronic ambience that remind me of telefon tel aviv :: strong melodies with glitchy, found-sound atmospheres and fab vocals...
Subtile soundscapes form melancholic moods with every single track. Multilayered atmospheres with twists and turns create most interesting pictures.
Truly lovely...

I've been banging on about netlabels for a wee while now after getting turned on to them by ((milieu)) and I have to say the quality of release from the likes of aerotone and earth monkey productions is very strong. I am glad to have this ep on my iPod! Check it out.

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