Monday, May 29, 2006

This weekend :: Da Vinci Code

Went with a group from the church to see the ((Da Vinci Code)) on Sunday night... Figured that we need to be conversant with it...

My thoughts on the film and the book are quite simple... they will not make you lose your faith in Jesus but may make you question your faith in the Catholic Church as an institution...

Why? Apart from some comments about the divinity of Jesus being decided by man... Jesus as God is pretty much left alone... Reference is to Jesus as a man...

Thing is... I believe in Jesus as being truly human and truly divine... and it is as easy for me to relate to Jesus as a father and a husband as it is to relate to the creator of the universe as a man in the first place.

What the film and book do is create noise... this noise diverts our attention from Jesus :: we worry about Mary... and scandal... and worry about cover-ups and all that malarky... and in doing so, we miss the point... Jesus was an inspirational man... this is true! but it is through His death and glorious resurrection that we have new life. This isn't mentioned in the Da Vinci Code... and why should it? This is a book of secular fiction.

At the end of the day... the greatest story ever told is still true. Jesus is still the saviour of mankind... and Dan Brown has made a lot of money.

Oh and ((Audrey Tautou)) is gorgeous!

If we can learn from this experience then I would say ::

* Read / watch the offending book / film before condemning - this makes your argument more plausible...and authentic.
* Don't be so public in your condemnation... because this sells more books / tickets.
* Destroy their argument through debate & discussion :: instead of trying to silence them.

Thanks to Bobbito & Diane for buying my ticket... and Charlene for buying the popcorn.

In closing, Robert Langdon, at the end of the film, states that "it all depends on what we believe..." - I believe in Jesus!

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Paula said...

Haven't seen the book or watched the movie yet....but last time I checked, it was for sale in the "Fiction" section of the book store. I really don't see what all the fuss is about!!

People who don't have a faith in God will run after any new thing to believe, and telling them they are crazy doesn't make them stop! We need to engage in relationship and conversation, not regulations and condemnation. I really like your advice.

weareallghosts said...

Thanks for your comments :: relationship and conversation! agree totally... would add commitment too :: people want to see love in the longer term... not show up "evangelise" then go.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Thomas. I found your comments very useful. TV review in Scotsman on Richard Hammond and the Holy Grail quotes Richard Hammond saying, "Grail questing isn't about finding answers. It's about asking good questions..So does the holy grail exist? Jury's out. Is it worth looking for? Oh yes."
So is the Loch Ness monster! In finding Christ we have found God's answer! Good you could enjoy the fiction for what it is.


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