Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wow :: The art of Mike Trim

I'm a big fan of Jeff Wayne's the war of the worlds ((yeah... I know I haven't posted my review of the musical... tomorrow... I promise!)) and I love the artwork by Mike Trim - its iconic and special to a lot of people, myself included!

Got the heads-up from Antony Taylor who has worked with Mike Trim to produce a collection of Mike's super imagery ::
In 1964, young Mike Trim answered a newspaper advertisement seeking model makers for a film production crew and embarked on an odyssey that would last for more than four decades. Beginning in the final days of "Stingray", Trim went to work as a model maker and designer for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's television series "Thunderbirds," "Captain Scarlet," "Joe 90," "The Secret Service" and "UFO" - as well as their feature films: "Thunderbirds Are GO," "Thunderbird 6" and "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun" (aka "Doppelganger").

Starting out in the model shop, Trim later became Special Effects Director Derek Meddings' assistant in designing the fabulous futuristic architecture, vehicles, and distinctive look of the Andersons' imaginative series. Eventually, he assumed responsibility for the majority of the design work for the series as Meddings (who won an Academy Award™ for his work on the 1978 film "Superman") became more involved in feature films.

After contributing a single (unused) vehicle design and model to the series "Space: 1999," Trim moved into freelance illustration, creating an iconic cover painting for one of the best-selling albums of all time, "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds," in 1978.

Celebrating more than forty years as a designer, Trim has now collaborated with author Anthony Taylor to produce a full-color collection of his works. "The Future Was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim" is an in-depth review of the artist's entire career as a sci-fi designer and illustrator.
Featuring hundreds of full-color and black-and-white drawings, paintings, marker comps and photos, the book offers a one-of-a-kind, up-close-and-personal view of how the artist foretells the future at the end of a paintbrush. The illustrations are annotated by Trim via his anecdotes and insights as he worked with the Andersons, Meddings and the crew of Century 21 Films, as well as his experiences as a freelance artist and his account of how the instantly recognizable cover art for "The War of the Worlds" LP was created. Also chronicled: his techniques and influences, unproduced and upcoming projects, and more. With chapters covering his techniques and early influences, unproduced and upcoming projects and more, "The Future was FAB: The Art of Mike Trim" is a fitting tribute to an artist whose work has permeated the pop culture landscape for more than forty years, and a meticulous archive of his seminal works in the field of sci-fi art and design.
It drops on July 25th, 2006 and looks sweet!

Check out Mike's website :: (( :: and look for the book when it drops.

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