Thursday, May 18, 2006

NO!!! Its just wrong...

Where, apart from the ((nanolog)), can you go from Cliff Richard to Dead Kennedys???

I have a skatepunk heritage... and one of my fav bands from this time was/ is Dead Kennedys - while watching the ads on E4 to my SHOCK AND HORROR one of my fav DK tracks :: ((California Uber Alles)) :: was used in an advert for the OC

What is this world coming to??? System of a Down advertising Songs of Praise??? No... Stop it! Stop it now!!!

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Paula said...

The DK's sold out?????

Oi. I'm shakin' my head.

One day in Burnaby, British Columbia, I was walking into some toy store or other, and out walks Joey "Sh**head" Kiethley (lead singer for D.O.A.) with a bag full of Barbie dolls. I said "Hey, how ya doin'?" and he said "Oh shoppin for the kids", and I left laughing myself silly....Mr. Stick it to the Man, shopping for exploitive dolls in Wal-Mart. I guess even rebels have to please their kids, eh?

weareallghosts said...

I'm not sure if Jello and the boys have sold out... or if they even know.

Probably some ad exec being ironic... or stupid :: Here's a song that has "California" in the title - let's use it!" Daft!

Love the story about Joey... Thanks for "adding value" to the nanolog!


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