Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cool :: iam8bit

Thanks to [The Soos] for the heads-up to ((iam8bit))

Olly and I love retro games... Sure we've got a PSP, PS2 and GBA SP... but our passion for games lies with the original Gameboy... the Sinclair Spectrum... the Sega Megadrive... and the Sega Mastersystem (we didn't have a SNES).

Love iam8bit for representing the old school... They organise an annual art festival and have a book out ::
i am 8-bit is a lot of things.

An annual group art show in Los Angeles fueled by hundreds of creative, bold, and sometimes hilarious reinterpretations of 80’s gaming bliss. A book (published by Chronicle Books) chock full of said paintings, drawings, sculptures, and other, more bizarre mediums. A t-shirt label on a hell-bent, relentless mission to clothe gamers in cotton-clad art and stylish, videogame nostalgia.

Stir all that stuff together, though -- not forgetting a pinch of raw pixel sweetener -- and you get a verifiable, certifiable, infallible cultural movement.

i am 8-bit is the voice of a generation that refuses to let polygons beget pixels -- the power-up that is our youth. i am 8-bit is the pillow that old-schoolers rest easy on -- the comfort food that makes us fat on bleeps ‘n’ blips.

But mostly, i am 8-bit is all of us.

i am 8-bit is you.
Check it out...

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Anonymous said...

Man you need to go beyond the sega thing. This was my childhood sweetheart:


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