Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Music :: Architecture in Helsinki

Been listening to ((arcitecture in helsinki)) since the Soos introduced me to them when I saw him last. They are a fab Australian band who have a uniquely fresh sound - kind of '80s and new wave but with horns and keys... actually remind me of bands on Grand Royal :: kitschy and geeky but lovely and upbeat.

The Soos demonstrated his 42" TV and Mac Mini combo with the video to AIH's song :: [do the whirlwind] (you can watch it on the AIH website) :: not only does he have a sweet set up - he has great taste. Love this song! its from the [in case we die] album.

The video is pretty special too - 8bit graphics that make it look like a Megadrive game... its sweet! It was created by a chap called ((Paul Robertson)) (the graphic below is from ((deviantart))) His art is unique ::

Check out :: ((in case we die)) and ((fingers crossed)) and enjoy!

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