Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nice :: Chill

I don't own a DAB radio... Its possibly the one piece of modern kit that Olly and I don't have... We just don't listen to the radio in realtime that much... apart from Chris Moyles in the morning. I record Gilles Peterson for the iPod but can't keep awake on a Sunday night / Monday morning.

My pal ((Roberto)) in Edinburgh is a DAB evangelist (maybe wrong phrase considering the "God" channels on DAB now - what I mean is he is a real advocate for DAB...) and is always at me to upgrade. There are some super soul shows on Radio 6 & 7 that I would love to hear more of...

Anyway, ((Cool Hunting)) ran a post recently on ((Chill)) and I managed to find it on Sky (Its in the radio section around 146) - It sounded fab with the kind of laidback tunage I really dig when I'm in a lazy, mainstream mood ::
We like to lie back, set the mobile phone to "silent" and listen to music like Morcheeba, Air, Moby, Sigur Ros, Beth Orton, Goldfrapp, Emiliana Torrini, 4Hero, Bebel Gilberto, Massive Attack, Aqualung, Damien Rice or Jack Johnson.
Check it out... You can stream it from the site too on a pretty low bit-rate.

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