Wednesday, May 10, 2006

cool :: 50/50 and thoughts on vintage

Got the heads-up from Uncle Robert PI to this article in ((springwise)) :: about a label called 50/50 that works with the Salvation Army (splitting profits 50/50) to create unique kit ::
A hip new Dutch fashion label, 50/50, highlights the plight of the homeless by designing ready-to-wear pieces from cast-offs from The Salvation Army. The label's designer shares the profits with The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army's contributions is to provide 50/50 with the blankets, curtains and dungarees that eventually show up on racks as skirts, pants and belts.

50/50 is now sold alongside well-known international brands in Amsterdam's main department store, the Bijenkorf. Each item comes with a flyer outlining the Salvation Army's message: people need each other and nobody should be excluded from society.

Depending on the success of the clothing line, the Salvation Army is considering expanding its collection to items salvaged from other depots, like furniture.
I've been thinking about a "new2u" label - get some coolhunters to rummage in the piles of donated clothes and cherrypick the sweetest threads... creating a separate retro/ vintage space and charging a wee bit more for the product. This takes it to another level - using the donated clothes as the base material for new threads. Like it.

Take "Members Only" jackets for example... Really trendy right now in certain areas. There is potential here for someone forward thinking to make money for the Army... In essence, what is the difference between a charity shop and FLIP? :: thought! the clothes in the vintage section of Flip are sourced...they have people who know what a "Members Only" jacket looks like and its "value" to certain people. Whereas its pretty much hit or miss in a charity shop - you have to check the Obit pages to see who is dead!!! The Army could have its own FLIP with some forward thinking... You could consider it to be good stewardship of the resources given to us.

What do you think?

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