Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Sweet :: Wagamama, Glasgow

Wagamama, Glasgow
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Had a sweet lunch of yaki soba in Wagamama today.

Got a voucher from a pal :: buy 1 meal, get the 2nd free :: and went with a colleague who was in need of noodles.

Love wagamama - had some fab meals there with Olly, the Soos, and Jon G... It is usually very busy but still retains a sense of intimacy. It was over noodles that Jon G kicked off my whole journey into "the emerging church" by namedropping Johnny Baker.

Anyway, the food is always good... although they don't do sushi... and the service is prompt and friendly. Check it out.

Oh and here's the voucher :: ((link)) :: Just remember to say you are an avid reader of handbag[dot]com


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