Monday, May 29, 2006

This weekend :: Friday

This was the first Friday I have had in ages without a coffee appointment... I was rainchecked at the last minute due to my pal, Jojo, being too busy. So I used the time to pop into Glasgow's GoMA for some inspiration. Haven't been in for a while and was impressed with the work displayed. I viewed art in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th galleries...

[nomadic landmass] :: Ilana Halperin

Never heard of Ilana Halperin before this visit but have to say her work caught my eye :: she illustrates using various media geological and geographical phenomenon in the wild reaches of Creation such as Iceland. She lives in Glasgow and I hope to hear her at a lunchtime discussion in June at the GoMA.

There was a lot to digest. I have captured some in a Flickr set :: Glasgow GoMA :: ((link))

However, one of my personal favs and worthy of a mention was the small exhibition of Chad McCail's work :: One day we will be dead.

[we are aware of the pain we cause] :: Chad McCail

His art has a vibrant illustrative feel to it that reminds me of magazine illustrations from The Face :: lots of detail and meaning... Lovely.

Headed home after work :: It is always a pleasure to see Olly and the we'ans... but it is slightly more special when I have a bank holiday to look forward to...and a big brother eviction!

Janey and Rosco joined us for the evening which was fab! It is always good to see them... but was even better when Janey came bearing gifts.

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