Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Love this place :: Ichiban

Went for lunch with an old friend from work. He retires next week and had been working with my project... and, well, nothing says "thank you" like some great Japanese food.

We went to ((ichiban)) on Queen Street, Glasgow; to sample the lunchtime [teishoku] menu. Lovely. I had chicken chili ramen with yasai (vegetable) gyosa and it was fab!

I managed to sneak these photos while it was quiet... which wasn't long. Ichiban is a tremendous place to eat :: service is prompt and engaging... and the food came quickly and was mighty tasty. I've been there with the Soos... but need to go back there with Olly... Sweet.

If you are in Glasgow :: check it out!

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J said...

+1...It is a cracking place to eat!


Paula said...

Oh, I love good Japanese food!!

I once helped some Japanese women who didn't speak any English find a good noodle house in Banff, Alberta...they talked and talked, and I only understood one word..."ramen". I pointed the way, they bowed and "Arigato"ed me all the way to the door. It was awesome!! I felt proud of myself and my cultural crossing abilities.

weareallghosts said...

J :: let's go sometime and catch up over ramen!

Paula :: feel proud - what a cool story! One of the things I love about Ichiban is that Japanese folk eat there... its like a seal of approval, if you know what I mean? Who knows... maybe one day our families will grab some noodles together...

Thanks for your comments!

Laura Whispering said...

Pfft, how come you always seem to find such cool places to eat?

weareallghosts said...

Been working in Glasgow for 9 years... Hopefully you'll have a few places to try when you come.

Anonymous said...

We call this WAGAMAMA in London.

weareallghosts said...

Roy :: We have a WAGAMAMA in Glasgow and it is fab! One of my fav places to eat. It doesn't do sushi, however, and tends to be a bit too busy/ trendy. ICHIBAN isn't as busy and the lunch menu is only £5.90 + drinks.


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