Friday, May 05, 2006

Coolgorrila :: World Cup Guide for your iPod...

Some people think football is more important than life or death... others, their iPod. If you are one or other then this may interest you :: ((Coolgorilla)) :: have a FREE World Cup guide for your iPod.

I've downloaded it and will check it out... Will be useful when I am in Italy with my football daft father-in-law...

As for who I'll be following... Well, with Scotland out of the competition, I'm not sure who to support... Probably FRANCE!

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1 comment:

weareallghosts said...

We'll see... there is only so much nineteen flippin' sixty flippin' six that a person of non-English origin can put up with.

Maybe... possibly... maybe... Just for you, Joel! call it a favour ^____^


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