Thursday, May 04, 2006

New Music @ Roots06 :: Note for a Child

Note for a Child 3
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I was up for seeing Note for a Child on the first night of Roots06 - the review in the programme excited me and the wee snippets that I found via google caught my attention.

I wasn't disappointed. They have a sound that I really love - it transfixes me with the rhythms, the flowing soundscapes from Paul Hunt and delicate vocals from Susie Beattie and Kathie Brown.

The Southport Theatre was a fab venue... it felt intimate... comfy (probably a bit too comfy after a day of travelling)

Susie Beattie ((Vocals)) has a delicate voice that reminds me of Emiliana Torrini and Imogen Heep... Totally suited for the atmosphere created. She can be a bit too theatrical at times with her gesturing on stage but I kind of like that... its eccentric and I love eccentricity!

The highlight for me was Kathie Brown ((Vocals/ Violin/ Tambura)) playing the TAMBURA (a fretless sitar) and singing in an Indian vocal style... Sweet!

I picked up their album ((Impossibly Beautiful)) and its on right now. It is haunting :: Fav tracks include The Rain, always and The day of your return :: they include vocals and guitars from Daniel Goodman who has left the band and wasn't with them in Southport. Shame... I love his vocals.

All in, I was impressed by Note for a child - I am a big fan of ambient/ meditative music ((as defined on my iTunes)) and love IONA... I see N4AC as being less progressive rock and more world than Iona...

We need more music like this... Like Brett Riches, this is music made by people of faith rather than overt worship music... and its success lies in this subtlety... Its ideal for the more contemplative quiet times...

Just don't, please call it CHILL OUT :: Chill out is such a lazy definition of music, especially for this band.

Check them out ::

Now... please come to Scotland!


Anonymous said...

Hope to see this band in Cambridge this weekend. Hey the Tall Skinny Kiwi has posted a photo of me on his blog.

weareallghosts said...

Wow... I know the photo you mean... I wanted to know where the person ((you)) got the tee...


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