Friday, May 05, 2006

Roots06 :: Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas :: Saturday AM
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One of the highlights of Roots06 for Olly and I was hearing Jeff Lucas teach on our faith in an insightful yet utterly hilarious manner. His stories are brilliantly self-effacing and effectively demonstrate the point he was making.

My favourite soundbite was ::
I am so bored with religion but so excited about Jesus
This is so where I am just now... I am uninterested in man-made churches with their traditions and rules... but I am so into the person and deity of Jesus.

Jeff Lucas is the first "preacher" I have seen live to really engage with me and I am inspired.

His book :: ((Lucas Out Loud)) is fab... The chapters are short and Jeff writes as he speaks... with a genuine honesty and relevance. Worthy read...

One thing they should have done is to podcast Jeff's sermons. ICC were recording all the spoken content and intend to sell it on CD at £3.99 per talk. I think this is RIDICULOUS!!! Erwin McManus gives his sermons away for free at MOSAIC and he is comparable (in my opinion) with Jeff in terms of relevance and engagement. Podcast the sermons... sell them if you have to on Audible but don't let ICC control... Access to them should be as open as possible!

Oh and Jeff does look like a Buffy baddie... especially with his long black leather overcoat ^_____^

Check out his site :: (( and read his book, if you can...


j - lou said...

I thought Jeff Lucas was really good too, he spoke on some things which related not only to me but the corps I'm at also, really inspiring at down to earth guy. louicat <><

Laura Whispering said...

He spoke in Parklife on Sunday night too and i was very moved. His stories were hilarious yet touching and for me he just seemed to hit the nail on the head with every word!
i just finished reading "Lucas On Life" too, which is brilliant! <3


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