Saturday, May 06, 2006

Roy's tee :: ((popwar))

Originally uploaded by tallskinnykiwi.

My friend Roy from Free Donuts has offered to swap his ((popwar)) tee for the green teaset...

Unfortunately, Olly has fallen for it... so no can do. However, Roy - next time you are in Motherwell, we can have tea.

Anyway, I was sorely tempted - love his tee. Turns out ((popwar)) is a supercool skate label from the states. I think it is short for popular warrior but I kind of like the phrase popwar - it brings out the militant Salvationist in me ^____^

Another cool thing is that Andrew Jones aka ((tallskinnykiwi)) posted this pic of Roy on his blog... and Roy posted a pic of Mr Jones on his :: ((link))

Its a small blogosphere!


Anonymous said...

dude you HAD to put that picture up!!! hmmmm. the pop war bunny is flaring his buckteeth-- he says "me want green tea set or me will go to war"

weareallghosts said...

Dude... you have to speak to my wife! You can go to war on me all you want but I know her wrath will be worse than Khan's if I give her teaset away...

Speak to Olly...


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