Thursday, May 04, 2006

Sweet :: Lardmonkey Tees

I am coming to the Lardmonkey party a wee bit late but I am loving these designs... and they are super cheap!!! BUT ((isn't there always a but)) stocks are limited or non-existent so if you like the design hassle them... in a loving way ^___^

Turns out that Lardmonkey is designed by a chap called JohnLloyd who was the chap, along with his wife Becky, who made all the fab art at Roots06. He has a blog which is as random as the nanolog :: larddesigns(dot)com/blog

Check out the sites and give him your support... oh and if you like customising your desktop with different icons, check out some that JohnLloyd has made :: icons :: super sweet!

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Laura Whispering said...

...and suddenly the question "What do i buy my best friend for her 18th?" was answered.
haha, that site is ace!

weareallghosts said...

Thank you both...

Anonymous said...

So sorry to burst the bubble, but Christians more often than not make the WORST lovers! LOL!!! Maybe i am too cynical, but maybe i'm not.

Johnny said...

Headphonaught:I am not the Lard. Lloyd is the "Lard" of the Lardmonkey. I can't take any credit - Lloyd & Becky are just top people, top talents, and I figured you'd be interested to see a bit more of his stuff..

I'm just a buddy of theirs who clocked their Roots art work on your site & wanted to big up Lloyd

...if only I was that talented! ;-)

weareallghosts said...


weareallghosts said...

Thanks EP... Have to say I have had ((still have)) one lover... she's a disciple and she's fab!!!


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